Get to know the registry office

Registration Office (Persian: Mobtakran Andisheh Tasjeel) is a company accredited by the Ministry of Education in Iran to take admissions of foreign students in Iranian universities and provide the best educational services

مكتب التسجيل

Knowing like a human journey suite we are proud to be another suite for your journey. Turn away from all evil and darkness and fly towards knowledge, growth and excellence. We are with you as a permanent and reliable guide throughout your studies.

The company "Registration Office", a company accredited by the Ministry of Science. We deal with recognized universities. A large collection of study information and laws universities, Excellent links and at high levels with university officials, Deal with companies to provide study services, We plan for you the best possible to study.

Our company values

we are a big family; A family in which the relationships of individuals are determined on the basis of mutual trust and cooperation. In this family, we are all on the path of progress and excellence together.

effective conversation

Knowing the rules of education, we always convey adequate, clear and correct information to the student.

I forbade talking

Respect is the basic condition in our work.


In the company we consider ourselves responsible. Responsible for excellent follow-up and timely action

network relationships

With a wide range of interactions with universities, scientific centers, service companies, translators and consulates, a complete and interconnected network will always be at your side.